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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is. The proxylist provide through api is always update in every 10 to 15 minutes of time 24x7.

Currently no limit at all. We are not limiting proxies with bandwidth/threads. So you can use in any application which support api proxies. And only limit is number of device which can connect to api.

You can login your account and bind ip address. You can see a input field to put target device ip address and bind with your license key. You can also use quick bind option to bind currently logined device.

There may be many reason. Proxies can get banned from websites if they have been used a lot on the same website or if the IP address has a bad reputation. This could be due to your own actions or the activities of previous users.

Upto 10000ms. Timeout of each proxy provide throgh api is 0 to 10000ms. So you can set timout to 10000ms on your application which you using theses proxies.

Mixed and global. Each list we provide through api is from random and mixed ip locations. And we are currently not sopporting country wise filter on proxy.

Not completely. The proxy list are validated within the interval of 10 minutes. So after that some may be die. So its not recomended to copy paste ip address from api for long usage. We recomend to attach api links on your application directly. Then application can always fetch fresh proxylist from api.